The Firefly Five Language Visual Dictionary (English-Spanish-French-Italian-German)

Categories: Dictionaries: Specialized

Author: Jourist, Igor

Girol Number: 12919

ISBN: 978-1-77085-768-1

Publisher: Firefly

Location: Canada

Year: 2016

Edition: 1. ed.

Condition: New

Binding: Hardback

The Firefly Five Language Visual Dictionary is an unparalleled multilingual reference for our increasingly multilingual world. More than 15 million American households have a primary language that is not English. The major ones are the Indo-European languages, which include Spanish, German, Italian, French and English.

The dictionary covers all five of these languages. Its scope and depth are immense. The terminology is well researched. With more than 1000 pages and 5000 entries, you simply will not find a more comprehensive resource.

The contents are:

Universe and Earth– Celestial Bodies, Astronomical Observation, Astronautics, Geography, Geology, Meteorology, Environment

Plants and Gardening

Animal Kingdom – Simple Organisms and Echinoderms, Insects and Arachnids, Mollusks, Crustaceans, Fishes, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Rodents and Lagomorphs, Insectivorous Mammals, Ungulate Mammals, Carnivorous Mammals, Marine Mammals, Primate Mammals, Marsupial Mammals, Flying Mammals

The Human Being Human Body, Anatomy, Sense Organs

Food and Kitchen

House and Do-It-Yourself – Location, Structure of a House, Elements of a House, Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Electricity, House Furniture, Do-It-Yourself

Clothing and Personal Accessories – Clothing, Personal Accessories, Personal Articles

Arts and Architecture – Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Music, Architecture

Communications and Office Automation

Transportation – Road, Rail, Maritime, Air Transport

Science and Energy – Chemistry, Physics (Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Optics), Measuring Devices, Scientific Symbols, Geothermal and Fossil Energy, Hydroelectricity, Nuclear Energy.

Showing what other dictionaries can only describe, the Firefly Five Language Visual Dictionary is the ultimate reference for students, language learners, travelers, businesspeople, community workers and anyone interested in learning a new language and discovering more about the world.

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