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Girol is now an online distributor, bookstore and publishing company. As a distributor of Spanish and Portuguese books since 1975, Girol has been serving university bookstores, libraries, professors and students; public, government and commercial libraries; and the general public throughout both Canada and the U.S. as well as Spain, the rest of Europe and Australia. Since Girol was founded and is directed by two university professors of Spanish, we bring to our clients a vast knowledge of both Peninsular and Latin American literature as well as Spanish language learning materials and methods.

Girol is North America’s largest publisher of Hispanic theatre and theatre criticism. Girol also publishes some fiction and other multicultural books. Girol distributes books published by a number of small Canadian Spanish-language presses.

Girol maintains a stock of both university and general educational materials; general reading books including fiction, poetry, theatre, bestsellers in translation to Spanish and Portuguese; history, biographies, cooking; monolingual, bilingual and specialized dictionaries; as well as a large selection of books for children of all ages.

You can look to Girol to:

  1. carry a large stock of Spanish and Portuguese books in our warehouse in Ottawa;
  2. provide lists of books in stock;
  3. handle special orders for books from publishers in Spain, Latin America, and Portugal;
  4. give careful & personalized attention to all orders, large or small;
  5. provide bulk selection of books on an “approval” basis.*

*Selection on Approval Service

As a result of our more than 30 years of experience as suppliers of Spanish and Portuguese language books to the North American market, Girol is uniquely positioned to help public libraries and multicultural resource centres expand their Spanish and Portuguese collections by providing books on an on-approval or ARP (Automatic Release Plan) basis. We also offer similar Selection or ARP plans for Spanish films on DVDs and music CDs. The selection of the materials is made following the guidelines that you provide to us:

  1. a general profile of the books already in your collection, preferably with access through your on-line catalogue.
  2. a profile of the types of books you want to add to your collection (e.g., fiction, general interest, poetry, reference, etc.), plus any other conditions such as publication-date parameters or format restrictions such as no pop-up or plastic books for children.
  3. a profile of your target audiences by:
    a-Age (adults, youth, children)
    b-Type (general recreational readers, language learners, academics, etc.)
    c-Interests (fiction, non-fiction)
  4. the percentage of your book order that you want filled with materials by age group, type of reader and interests according to the profile you provide in numbers 2 and 3 above.
    Example 1: A library may want to spend a certain amount on popular Spanish-language reading material for adults with 70% fiction and 30% assorted general interest non-fiction.
    Example 2: A library may want to spend a certain amount on popular reading material for children ages 0-14 with 50% picture/story books, 25% chapter books for beginner readers, and 25% non-fiction and concept books.
  5. the amount you wish to spend and whether shipping and any applicable taxes are to be included in or separate from the amount to be spent.
  6. a list of any “special-request titles” you may want included in the selection we provide to you.

We look forward to working with you to build your Spanish and Portuguese collections. Contact us for references from our clients regarding our Selection Service.


  •  was founded and directed by two university professors of Spanish language and literature;
  •  is managed by Leslie Roster, who has more than 30 years of experience in serving our clients;
  •  is staffed by specialists in the areas of Latin American and Spanish literatures;
  •  is backed by many years of experience in supplying Spanish and Portuguese books to our many clients across North America and the rest of the world.

For further information and to discuss your specific needs, please contact us:

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