Los verbos españoles

Categories: Language Learning: Supplementary materials

Author: Williamson, Rodney

Girol Number: 6133

ISBN: 978-0-921252-58-0

Publisher: Legas

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Year: 1999

En este tomo se presentan los verbos españoles lado a lado con los verbos franceses e ingleses correspondientes. El volumen comprende una introducción, los verbos auxiliares, los regulares, los verbos con cambios ortográficos, los semirregulares, los irregulares, los verbos unipersonales y defectivos y los de participio doble o irregular. En los amplios índices se incluyen las preposiciones empleadas con los verbos y todos los verbos comunes del español.

Dans ce texte les verbes espagnols et leurs équivalents en français et en anglais sont présentés côte-à-côte. Le volume comprend une introduction, les verbes auxiliaires, les réguliers, les verbes avec changements orthographiques, les semi-réguliers, les irréguliers, les verbes unipersonnels et défectifs et les participes passes doubles et irréguliers. Les riches indexes contiennent les prépositions employées avec les verbes et tous les verbes communs de l’espagnol.


In this text Spanish verbs are presented side by side with their French and English counterparts. The volume consists of an Introduction, Auxiliary Verbs, Regular Verbs, Verbs with orthographical changes, Semi-regular Verbs, Irregular Verbs, Impersonal and Defective Verbs and Double and Irregular Past Participles. The extensive indices include prepositions used with verbs and all common verbs in Spanish.

Rodney Williamson has published in the fields of Spanish language teaching and discourse analysis, as well as literary and socio-linguistic topics. He is the author of a study of the Spanish of Tabasco, Mexico, as well as grammars of Spanish for French and English speakers, and computerized courses in Spanish. He is a certified translator and Professor of Spanish at the University of Ottawa.

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