Português em Foco 4 Pack (Livro do Aluno y Caderno de Exercícios e Aspetos Culturais)

Categories: Portuguese Language Learning Materials

Author: Coehlo, Luísa; Carla Oliveira y João Malaca Casteleiro

Girol Number: 14451

ISBN: 978-989-752-636-7

Publisher: LIDEL

Location: Lisboa

Year: 2021

Edition: 1.ed.

Condition: New

Binding: Plastified Softcover

Português em Foco 4 is the fourth and the last volume in a series of textbooks aimed at teenage and adult learners of Portuguese as a Foreign Language and Second Language. It is divided into thematic areas designed to cover the communicative needs of learners corresponding to levels C1/C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Learners will acquire communications skills that will not only allow them to form grammatically correct sentences, but above all to interact with other speakers in everyday scenarios as well as work or study related situations. The audio files are available for download at www.lidel.pt.

Português em Foco 4 – Caderno de Exercícios e Aspetos Culturais offers reading and writing activities for levels C1/C2, as well as grammar reviews and a varied set of exercises for lexicon acquisition that aim the consolidation of acquired skills.

Additionally, this book delves into portuguese cultural aspects, presented in each unit in sections oriented to the acquisition of various cultural themes, through literary or informative texts, exercises, cultural questionnaires, etc.

Due to its value and relevance in the development of cultural learning, this book can be used as complementary material or even independently from the other books in this collection.

The book contains solutions of the exercises.

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