Maxy Survives the Hurricane / Maxy sobrevive el huracán

Categories: Children: Picture and Storybooks

Author: Chansky, Ricia Anne y Yarelis Marcial Acevedo

Girol Number: 14247

ISBN: 978-1-55885-918-0

Publisher: Piñata Books

Location: USA

Year: 2021

Edition: 1. ed.

Illustrator: Olga Barinova

Condition: New

Binding: Hardback

Maxy is a happy puppy who lives with Clarita and her family in a house filled with music and laughter on the island of Puerto Rico. On sunny days, Clarita and Maxy go to the park or on adventures under the flamboyant tree. On rainy days, they stay inside and play games or read books.

But one day, Maxy sees everyone rushing around, putting things in boxes. Someone says, "María is coming!" That night, Hurricane María roared ashore; there was thunder, lightning and lots of rain. Maxy was terrified! Finally, the power went out and the house and everything around it was completely dark. The next day when they went outside, they saw destroyed homes, flooded roads and knocked-down trees-including their beloved flamboyant! There was no electricity for a long time, and everyone had to stand in long lines for food, gas and even water to drink.

Eventually, power is restored and Maxy thinks everything is going to be okay. Until one day, the clouds start to gather and he hears thunder and whistling winds. Trembling and whining, he races under the bed! Eventually, and with the help of loved ones, Maxy like many children who go through natural disasters learns to overcome his fear and appreciate the benefits of rain.

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