The Twins and the Time Machine; Los mellizos y la máquina del tiempo

Categories: Children: Picture and Storybooks

Author: Rabley, Stephen

Girol Number: 5687

ISBN: 978-0-7641-4049-5

Publisher: Barron's

Location: Hauppage, NY

Year: 2008

Collection: Col. Let's Read! in Spanish and English


Let’s Read! is a series of bilingual storybooks for children who are independent readers. Children will enjoy exploring their "new" language with these original, exciting, and varied stories. Meanwhile, kids begin to learn a new language, compare it with their own, and start out on a path toward bilingual fluency. As they read, children discover that they don’t need to learn every single new word that they encounter in the second language. As unfamiliar words appear and reappear in the story’s context, they will pick up meanings effortlessly, just as they pick up and understand new words in their own language. Let’s Read! books are available in both French-English and Spanish-English editions. The parallel text, pictures and speech bubbles provide a child-friendly bridge to reading and speaking in another language.

The Twins and the Time Machine (Los mellizos y la máqina del tiempo)

In this story, Tom and Sophie are traveling by car with their parents, on their way to visit Grandpa. It’s a long trip, and to keep herself occupied, Sophie reads a book that recounts past cultures and events in many different lands. Tom pays no attention to her book. He’d rather stop somewhere along the highway and have lunch. When at last they arrive at Grandpa’s house, they find him busy at work on one of his many inventions. But this invention is truly unusual. It’s a miraculous time machine, capable of taking Tom and Sophie to a historic place she has been reading about. (Ages 8 and up)

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