Vamos, body! Board Book

Categories: Children: Babies and Toddlers

Author: Budnick, Madeleine

Girol Number: 13122

ISBN: 978-1-59534-828-9

Publisher: Trinity University Press

Location: San Antonio, TX

Year: 2017

Edition: 1.ed.

Condition: New

Binding: Board Book

ArteKids board books show children the world of art through imaginative paintings, sculpture, photographs, and drawings, with text in English and Spanish.

Vamos, Body! Head to Toe in English y Español introduces children to body concepts by connecting them to art in a unique, fun, and colorful way. Cheeks (mejillas), chins (barbillas), and eyes (ojos) are represented by masterful artworks from around the world. Faces (caras) come alive through the paintings of Adan Hernandez, Kehinde Wiley, and Ed Saavedra. Bodies (cuerpos) crawl, sit, and walk in pre-Columbian sculpture and Latin American wood carvings. A child’s hand (mano) strokes his mother’s face in a woodblock print by Taiso Yoshitoshi, and cousins (primas) embrace through a swirl of Barbara Carasco’s screen printed hearts. Madeleine Budnick’s wonderful collages and designs weave together words and images that prove bodies are amazing. (Nuestros cuerpos son increíbles!) Work from the collections of the San Antonio Museum of Art, by masters like José Francisco Borges, Richard Duardo, Roberto de la Selva, Charles Criner, David Martinez, Rojelio Reyes Rodriguez, Grace Albee, and Luis Gonzalez Palma, is incorporated along with phrases and words in English and Spanish, making bilingual learning and art exciting for young learners and their teachers and parents.

The ArteKids bilingual board books are made sturdy for little hands and “awesomundo” for bright minds! The series also includes Vamos, Body!, Hello, Círculos!, 1, 2, 3, Sí!, Animal Amigos!, Colores Everywhere!, and Black and Blanco! Outside Todo el Día! Nature in English y Español! invites children to explore the world outside through language and imagery that ignites their imagination.

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