Trilogía del malamor 3: el árbol de la vida

Categories: Latin American Narrative

Author: Valenzuela, José Ignacio

Girol Number: 11597

ISBN: 978-607-11-2868-3

Publisher: Alfaguara

Location: México, DF

Year: 2013

Condition: New

Binding: Paperback

The third book in the Malamor Trilogy concludes the story of Angela, Rayen, and the peculiar town of Almahue and its unfortunate inhabitants, condemned to suffer from the spell of Malamor. With the town destroyed by a terrible earthquake and Fabian in the depths of the earth, Angela will go underground, for although it may cost her her life to rescue her beloved, she will never again let misfortune separate them. Perhaps times have changed: the tree in the center of the Almahue town square, symbol of malamor, is now just a dry skeleton of branches. It can only signify a transformation, the end of an era.

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