Summit Run Board Game

Categories: Language Learning: Supplementary materials

Author: Franks, Carol

Girol Number: 12164

ISBN: 978-84-999999-12164-G

Publisher: Carol Franks

Location: Peterborough, Canada

Year: 2015

Condition: New

Get ready to race through dense rainforest, secret passages, dark tunnels and abandoned mines to reach the summit of a towering Mayan temple. To navigate this perilous route, you’ll need to be fearless, competitive and even co-operative. Think strategically as you plot your route to the summit. Remember that players only advance toward the temple’s summit after successfully answering trivia questions about Latin America. Good luck! The object of the game is to be the first player to reach the summit of the temple. Trivia Questions are fun but educational questions on Latin America. They have a wide range of topics from geography to art, from cuisine to pop culture.

Green Trivia Questions: Easy. Multiple choice. For middle school students. Written in English and Spanish.

Red Trivia Questions: Intermediate. Multiple choice. For junior high students. Written mostly in Spanish.

Blue Trivia Questions: Advanced. Some multiple-choice. For senior high school and college students and native speakers. Written entirely in Spanish.

Orange Bonus Questions: Difficult. Written in English for daring players and English-only players.

Kick Up the Excitement:

Bumping: After the game has been played a few times, more advanced classes can up the excitement by adding bumping which allows a player to send a difficult question over to a rival to answer. See the rules in the game pack for more details.

Challenging: In this case, players can challenge the answer of a rival to win extra Help items or to forfeit Help items. See the rules in the game pack for more details.

Shorter Versions of the Game: The playtime of SummitRUN can be shortened by:
Eliminating the temple puzzle. (In this version, the winner becomes the first player to enter the puzzle on an exact roll.)
Ignoring the hurricane symbols on the board.
Eliminating the obstacle tokens.
Ignoring the Help icons on the board. (In this version, players would earn only a roll of the die for a correct trivia answer and could progress along any route without possessing any Help tokens.)

Quick Game Facts:
-Number of players: 2-6
-Playtime: 25-45 minutes / one class period
-Assembly time: only 20 minutes
-Easy-to-learn rules in Spanish & English
-Suitable for all levels of Spanish learners
-100s of questions at 4 skill levels- easy, intermediate, advanced and expert

Game Contents
HYPERLINK “” t “_blank” 1 game board
1 die
6 pawns
HYPERLINK “” t “_blank” 24 trivia sheets/216 cards / 864 questions
HYPERLINK “” t “_blank” 6 Obstacle tokens
HYPERLINK “” t “_blank” 24 Help tokens
HYPERLINK “” t “_blank” 10 Temple Puzzle pieces
HYPERLINK “” t “_blank” 6 Natural Disaster cards
HYPERLINK “” t “_blank” English Rules
HYPERLINK “” t “_blank” Spanish Rules (reglas en español)

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