Si Quisqueya fuera un color

Categories: Children: Picture and Storybooks

Author: Recio, Sili

Girol Number: 14108

ISBN: 978-1-5344-7709-4

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Location: New York

Year: 2020

Edition: 1. e.d.

Illustrator: Brianna McCarthy

Condition: New

Binding: Hardback

The colors of Hispaniola burst into life in this striking, evocative debut picture book that celebrates the joy of being Dominican.

If Dominican were a color, it would be the sunset in the sky, blazing red and burning bright.

If Dominican were a color, it’d be the roar of the ocean in the deep of the night,

With the moon beaming down rays of sheer delight.

The palette of the Dominican Republic is exuberant and unlimited. Maize comes up amarillo, the blue-black of dreams washes over sandy shores, and people’s skin can be the shade of cinnamon in cocoa or of mahogany. This exuberantly colorful, softly rhyming picture book is a gentle reminder that a nation’s range of hues is as wide as nature’s itself.

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