Reunión de vecinos (Level A2)

Categories: Language Learning: Graded Readers, Abridged editions

Author: Miquel, Lourdes; Neus Sans

Girol Number: 3984

ISBN: 978-84-87099-72-4

Publisher: Difusión

Location: Barcelona

Collection: Serie Plaza Mayor 1


Graded readers with 6 levels of difficulty each with explanatory notes on the cultural references plus exercises to facilitate comprehension. Some titles such as these in the Lola Lago series are also available with audio CDs.

Serie Plaza Mayor, 1

In this series the reader follows the daily lives of the neighbors who live at Plaza Mayor, #1.

Reunión de vecinos

Irene Vázquez, vecina del portal 1 de la Plaza Mayor de Madrid, está en el aeropuerto de Barajas esperando que lleguen sus sobrinos, Mariana y Oriol, de Barcelona. (Nivel A2)

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