McGraw-Hill’s Pod Class: All-in-one Study Guide for Your iPod (audio and Text)

Categories: Language Learning: Supplementary materials

Author: VV. AA.

Girol Number: 9614

ISBN: 978-0-07-162766-5

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Location: New York

McGraw-Hill’s Podclass tackles three key areas of language learning- vocabulary, verbs, and phrases- giving you a portable tool for reference and review. It also reinforces what you have learned in class or even fill in the bits you may have missed.

· Common verbs conjugated in 10 tenses

· 30 thematic vocabulary lists that contain more than 900 essential words

· More than 250 key conversational phrases + Audio + text for study on the go

· For use on your iPod, iTouch, iPhone

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