Mastering Paradox 4.5 for DOS

Categories: Business, Finance, Technology

Author: Simpson, Alan

Girol Number: 13623

ISBN: -0-7821-1439-3

Publisher: Sybex

Location: Alameda, CA

Year: 1994

Edition: 2. ed.

Condition: New. Excellent condition. Text in english.

Binding: Plastified softcover

Mastering Paradox 4.5 for DOS Special Edition is an unintimidating, highly readable guide to the latest version of Paradox for DOS. Suited to both new and upgrading users, this book offers comprehensive coverage of every aspect of Paradox 4.5.

Start with step-by-step coverage of the basics. Learn essential database management principles as you create your first data table. See how new mouse capabilities let you design reports and forms in half the time.

Manage related data tables like a pro. Learn to query multiple tables at once and use the resulting answer tables to generate efficient, sophisticated reports.

Develop your own Paradox applications. Work through the creation of a sample application; then learn to use PAL to expand menus, launch other applications, redefine your keyboard, and automate your work in dozens of ways.

Customize Paradox 4.5 to fit your needs. Create default settings to select new Full Screen Mode, special printers, networks, reports, forms, and a host of other specifications. A detailed appendix shows you how.

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