Las comedias divertidas

Categories: Language Learning: Supplementary materials

Author: Kaatz, Pamela

Girol Number: 12936

ISBN: 0-88043-379-5

Publisher: GPC

Location: New York

Year: 1983

Condition: New. Excellent. Minor shelf wear.

Binding: Plastified softcover

Pamela Kaatz is a Spanish teacher at the Handley Middle School in Fort Worth, Texas. Ms. Kaatz has published numerous foreign language materials and is especially noted for her Color-Code Kits.

LAS COMEDIAS DIVERTIDAS have been designed to give students an opportunity to speak SPANISH and enjoy themselves at the same time. Each play includes a list of characters, costumes, props, and difficult vocabulary in order to minimize preparation time and get the class involved in the PRODUCTION. The plays can also be used as reading exercises in the classroom. The settings and character roles offer a variety of situations which make learning fun. Try videotaping the performances for your own class and other Spanish classes in your school. Esperamos que usted y sus estudiantes se diviertan mucho con LAS COMEDIAS DIVERTIDAS. (“INTRODUCTION”, The Editors. Contents:LA RED DE MENTIRAS, CONFUSION TELEFÓNICA, EL AVION, SIN CUERDAS, UN JUEGO MODERNO, MENTE SANA EN CUERPO SANO.

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