El plan de Zee (A partir de 14 años for reluctant readers)

Categories: Children: Chapter Books

Author: Butcher, Kristin

Girol Number: 7633

ISBN: 978-1-55469-057-2

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

Location: Custer, WA, USA

Year: 2008

Collection Orca Soundings

High interest books available in either Spanish or English the contents of which are geared toward students from grade 7 and up but which are written for students with a lower grade reading ability. Good for learners of Spanish, ESL students, and "reluctant readers."

El plan de Zee

Zee and his friends are angry that their old haunt has been replaced by stores that are off-limits to them and storekeepers who treat them with distrust. To let the merchants know what he and his friends think, Zee paints graffiti on the wall of the hardware store. After the wall is repainted, Zee decides to repeat the vandalism, but this time with more artistic flair. A store owner catches him in the act and threatens to call the police–unless Zee agrees to repair the damage.

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