De fiesta en verano (Level B1)

Categories: Language Learning: Graded Readers, Abridged editions

Author: Villanueva, Clara; Josefina Fernández

Girol Number: 4344

ISBN: 978-84-87099-96-0

Publisher: Difusión

Location: Barcelona

Collection: Serie Aires de Fiesta


Graded readers with 6 levels of difficulty each with explanatory notes on the cultural references plus exercises to facilitate comprehension. Some titles such as these in the Lola Lago series are also available with audio CDs.

Serie: Aires de Fiesta

In this series, students experience Spanish culture via the many seasonal festivals which are held in the different regions of Spain.

De fiesta en verano

Una periodista inglesa nos descubre cómo se celebran cuatro fiestas españolas muy especiales: San Juan, los Sanfermines, la Tomatina de Buñol y los "Castellers" de Cataluña.

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