Crucigramas y acertijos en inglés para hispanohablantes

Categories: Language Learning: English as a Second Language

Author: Danesi, Marcel

Girol Number: 8355

ISBN: 978-0-7641-3265-0

Publisher: Barron's

Location: Hauppage, NY

Year: 2005

Word puzzles are fun, but just as important, they also have a hidden educational benefit. They help students of a new language learn vocabulary and word meanings easily and efficiently. Spanish speakers who are learning English as a second language will find this book’s puzzles more.challenging, fun to solve, and ideal for expanding and developing their English language vocabulary. It presents several different kinds of word puzzles: crosswords; word crosses in which readers match words to pictures; scrambled letter puzzles with appropriate clues; and cryptograms, in which diagrams filled with letters contain hidden words arranged vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. All questions and clues are printed in Spanish, but all answers must be in English. Puzzles are arranged in order of difficulty, beginning with Easy crosswords, word crosses, scrambled letters, and cryptograms, then progressing in the same order of puzzle types to Moderate Level, then to Tough Puzzles, and finally to Challenging Puzzles. The back of this intriguing book contains answers to all puzzles, as well as grammar notes and an alphabetical word finder list. There are 100 challenging puzzles in total.

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