Canadian Journal of Film Studies (Revue canadienne d’études cinématographiques) Vol.2, Nos.2-3, 1993

Categories: Art, Film, Fine Arts

Author: VV.AA.

Girol Number: 12618

ISBN: 978-84-999999-12618-G

Publisher: Film Studies Association of Canada

Location: Ottawa

Year: 1993

Condition: New

Binding: Paperback

Editor: Zuzana M. Pick

In this issue of the Canadian Journal of Film Studies, all the articles are concerned with building bridges—metaphoric bridges between one culture and another, between one kind of cinema and another. Whether it be Bill Marshall analyzing a classic Québécois téléroman for anglophone readers; or Blaine Allan, Joan Nicks, and Mike Gasher finding fresh links between two disparate films; or Paul Salmon and Angela Stuka or offerng foreign points of contact in ways that can be related to our own-all these articles are building bridges, making links.

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