Spanish for Attorneys and Paralegals (with 2 CDs: Commonly used words and phrases in law offices and courtrooms)

Categories: Language Learning: Supplementary materials

Author: Harvey, William C.

Girol Number: 2297

ISBN: 978-0-7641-9611-9

Publisher: Barron's

Location: Hauppage, NY

Year: 2009

Spanish words, phrases, and instructive exercises are presented to help English-speaking attorneys and paralegals communicate effectively with Hispanic clients who have little or no English. Every Spanish word and expression in the book is followed by its phonetic pronunciation and easy-to-follow tips to help its readers understand colloquial spoken Spanish. Author William Harvey concentrates on words and phrases likely to be used in law offices, courtrooms and similar settings, and which pertain to contracts, wills, real estate transactions, law suits, legal rights issues, misdemeanors, and felonies. Presented in these pages and on the enclosed audio CDs are true-to-life dialogues that dramatize typical encounters. This book’s approach to teaching practical Spanish bypasses grammar rules and concentrates on practical conversational situations. Vocabulary and sentences presented on the compact discs relate to the book’s text and provide practice in listening comprehension.

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