Maya: Treasures of an Ancient Civilization

Categories: Civilization, Culture, Religion

Author: Clancy, Flora S., et al.

Girol Number: 13540

ISBN: -0-8109-2300-9

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams and The Albuquerque Museum

Location: New York

Year: 1985

Edition: 1. ed.

Illustrator: Stuart Rome

Condition: New. Excellent condition. Slight tear on the plastic back cover. Includes excellent color photos.

Binding: Plastified softcover

Editor: Charles Gallenkamp and Regina Elise Johnson

When John Lloyd Stephens described the Maya ruins of Copán in 1839, his writings reflected a tremendous sense of awe but also conveyed a feeling of disappointment: The beauty of the sculpture, the solemn stillness of the woods, disturbed only by the scrambling of monkeys and the chattering of parrots, the desolation of the city, and the mystery that hung over it, created an interest higher, if possible, than I had ever felt among the ruins of the Old World. … I made up my mind, with a pang of regret, that we must abandon the idea of carrying away any materials for antiquarian speculation, and must be content with having seen them ourselves.

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